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Error during netlist generation and log audit trail error

I am not able to run the simulation application on my Multisim 10.  The two following error were generated every time I try to run the simultion:
Error: log /Audit Trail, C: \document~1\xxx: Permission denied
Error during netlist generation, C:\document~1\xxx: Permision denied
Can any body help me fix this problem that make it impossible for me to use the Multisim10 simualtion tool?
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There are two KBs I would like for you to see, since they might have the answer to the problem you are having:

1. This KB is related to having access to the TEMP directories where Multisim stores temp files for simulation:

2. This other KB deals with non-Administrator users of Windows, it talks about v9 but the idea is the same for v10, just look for the v10 installation paths:

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Thanks Nestor, one of the links you sent has the solution to my problem.

Everything is running fine now.

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