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Error code ni-msvcrt-2008( upon trying to download multisim 14.2


Hey, guys I saw a similar post on here:

It didn't have the solution so I am here to post it again. I do have the same error with that person. Upon doing a bit research and trying to install the visual studio 2008 , it seems like the error is caused due to 32-bytes, while my PC is 64-bytes. I am on Windows 10 , and I am not even sure why I am facing this issue since it was working fine in the past on this pc. 

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Hi iamblankness,



Instead of creating a new thread you could have just replied to the similar post that you saw. That way, information shared about this problem can be consolidated and that can be more effective in catching the attention of Multisim/NI employee(s).


Nevertheless, the input you provided may help in finding solution to this problem.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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