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hi mate,

i am a second year electronic student and use multisim a lot for simulation purposes ... i once installed multisim 8 version (trial) which ran perfectly on my system ... but with the new multisim 9 ... i am having loads of problems ... it duznt simulate cuz it says i need to give in my proxy server settings ... but the fact is i am not using a proxy server ... i have ntl broadband connection ...

da eb website no more provides da links for multisim 8 trial ... but i need to use it for my project ...

plz help me ...


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You can find the trial versions in the following FTP site:

Although, as far as I know MS8 needs network connection for simulation as well... I might be wrong, but if you say it worked for you I take that as granted.

Anyways, I know also that the Student edition is very accesible (I mean low in price), give the EWB Sales guys a call, you might find it better to use a Student licensed version than keep using trials, you don't have anything to loose by asking...

Hope that helps,

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