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[ERROR] I can't acces part list Ultiboard after I creating custom board shape !!!

I have installed Ultiboard v.14 for some time.

Every time when I try I create a custom PCB form and I try to access the "Spreadsheet View / Parts", the electronic parts list is very hard to display, displays very hard piece by piece and at some point it gets stuck, and then I have to restart the software so I can use it continuously !!! Why ?

Although the new PCB form is correctly closed and 3D is visualized, the error mentioned above persists.
However, the error occurs only in personalized PCB forms. If, for example, I leave the default "rectangular PCB form" option, then the error does not exist.

This is how a Ultiboard bug software and if so, how can it be removed (I checked the latest updates and it still seems ok but it is not so !!)

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Nobody, no answer?

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No one, no answer? The problem also exists on the latest updated version of Ultiboard.
I would like a solution, please!

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