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Does anybody have the example program for AD/DA converter controled by PIC16F84?

I want to use PIC16F84 to control the the DA/AD Converter, specifically, I would like to connect the output of ADC and the input of DAC via MCU, and by this way, I can check wether the output of DAC is exactly equal with the input of ADC or not, and the comparison result should be stored in the MCU to be used further to control the feedback variable resistor.

But the problem is, I have never used this kind of MCU, before I did  any programing, the MCU only have initial setup program stored in the device when I use multisim10 to do the simulation, that is the register is empty, and MCU can only read the input from the port once when it powered on.

If anybody is familar with this kind  of MCU device, hope  can give me a help, or show me an example how to read the port input to store in the device for further using!

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