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Diode parameters for 1N4002 in Multisim LIVE?

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Can anyone please tell me how to set the diode parameters for D1 - 1N4002 in Multisim LIVE? Multisim says that the diode I have in the circuit is "Fully configurable diode. See Diode for more information.", however the help topic does not explain how to set the characteristics. This is my first electronics class so please ELIF. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Big_Un,


I am a free subcription user of Multisim live so 1N4002 is not available for me.


If the diode that you want to use is fully configurable its parameters can be accessed in the Configuration pane. Select/Click the diode then click the gear icon or simply double click the diode.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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Thank you very much for responding.


I have the free version as well. I found the configuration pane on the right and I downloaded the data sheet from the diode manufacture's website. It seems though, that nothing matches up. I assumed it to be a matter of my not yet understanding industry terminology that might be interchangeable. For instance, the data sheet lists one of the diodes characteristics as "Working Peak Reverse Voltage". This characteristic changes value between the different diode models listed on the data sheet, so I assume it is something that can be "set" in a configuration. Unfortunately, I don't see anything similar to that "setting" in the configuration panel in Multisim LIVE. This is what led me to think that it is a matter of my not understanding the terminology. I had thought that if a component was configurable it would just be a matter of plugging values into the appropriate box, and that my understanding of HOW it changes the operation of that component, would grow as I learned.

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Accepted by topic author Big_Un


Now I can assume that what you are using is the generic diode and you are trying to make it work like 1N4002.


Terminologies vary from system to system, you should always expect variation when it comes to names of the characteristics of electronic devices. The "Working Peak Reverse Voltage" in the datasheet that you have may be called just Peak Reverse Voltage, Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV), Reverse Breakdown Voltage, etc. in other references/literature. In Multisim Live it is simply Breakdown Voltage (BV).


In the screenshot below the "Working Peak Reverse Voltage" parameter that you are looking for is marked with yellow oval. As I mentioned above it is called Breakdown voltage or BV parameter. The circuit has two branches consisting of diode and resistor in series. D1 is the generic diode, D2 is also a generic diode but I modified the Breakdown voltage from 1e30 V to 1e2 V. D1 is reverse-biased but the 125 V DC source voltage exceeds the reverse breakdown voltage of D2. The probes show the differences between the diode voltages and currents.


Generic Diode Breakdown voltage  (BV).png


For other parameters that you may want to modify you need to diligently search and study their contribution to the overall behavior of the diode.


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Outstanding! Thank you for your replies. Thank you for your assistance! It is very much appreciated!


Best Regards,

Big 'Un

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