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Digital Integrator

To whom it may concern,


I need to design two digital integrators to solve a 2nd order differential equation.  It needs to take both AC/DC.  I've been told that if my input is DC, that my output should be a ramp. If my input is a sine wave the output should be a cosine wave (shifted wave form). The IC's to be used are the following: ADC, DAC, adder, u/d counter, comparator, register.  Not all of these IC's are necessary to make this work.  e.g. One can use just adders and a ADC/DAC to get it to work.


I'm not very familiar with Digital design, and would appreciate any help or direction in this area.  I've been "playing around" with multisim a bit with no avail.  


My goal is to design the circuit with multisim, replicate it onto a breadboard, then a PCB. 


Thanks in advance



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