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DAQmx Driver on ubuntu 18.04

Hi guys,

Is there anybody have the solution to install DAQ on ubuntu 18.04 or other version?

in addition, I also want to try the old solution proposed in

but there is no way to download the newest version of DAQmx Base and NI-VISA for linux. 

is anybody can provided this to me?

Thanks a lot!

best wishes,


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Hey Zhongliang96998,


There is currently no support for Ubuntu. However, there is Linux support for several other flavors such as Redhat or CentOS. If you were to switch to one of these other flavors then you could find the device drivers from the following location:


NI Linux Device Drivers


You can find out more information from the following article:


Can I Install NI-DAQmx on Ubuntu?


I hope that helps!

Gerald M.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi GeraldM,

thanks a lot for your reply! But it's very sad to heard that. 

Based on the project, we cannot changed our OS from Ubuntu18.04 to windows or other linux. 

Do you have a plan to provide the driver for ubuntu system?


best wishes,


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