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Custom thermistor in Multisim


I have created a custom thermistor in Multisim as the one we have in our lab isn't in the standard database. The resistance temperature curve in the region of interest can be fitted by this equation which I put into the model for the component:

R1 1 2 (13743*(2.71828)^(-0.039*(TEMP)))

In this formula, the temperature is in degrees C and the resistance in ohms.

When I put this component into a voltage divider circuit, with the output amplified by a non-inverting op-amp circuit with a gain of 2, I get the output voltage I expect. So the custom component "works" at this level.


How do I set up the temperature sweep to sweep the TEMP variable please? I have tried following the examples on the forum but the results are not correct.

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Hi TJbham, 


Is this the examples you're referring to: Configuring a Temperature Sweep Analysis in Multisim 


If not i'd suggest downloading the amplifier attached and giving the tutorial a go to ensure it's nothing to do with the custom component. After that we can swap the thermistor back in. 

Let us know how it goes, 


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