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Create PLD Design



I saw that I can use Multisim to create a FPGA design using a Nexys 3 board. When I go to File -> New... I have a lot of options such as NI DAQ or NI Elvis, but no PLD Design. How do I enable/create/install a PLD templace in order to program my FPGA? I have Multisim 13.0 Power Pro installed.


Thank you.

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Hi there,


Since you've already have the Multisim 13.0 Power Pro, you only need to install the Xilinx ISE Tools 14.7 Full Product Installation

The ISE Design Suite can be found here:


It's 6.18GB for Windows System which takes a little bit longer time to download.


After you Installed the ISE Design Suite, you need to apply for a license on the Xilinx Website if you do not have one. It's free for a whole year I think. Note that only when you installed the license correctly, you then can download the Schematic or VHDL succsessfully to your FPGA Boards.



When you completed the two steps above, you should see the PLD design icon when you creat a new design.





Here are some links might be useful when you start your Digilent Boards Design in Multisim.

Getting Started with Digilent Boards in Multisim

Digital Counters



Hope it helps.



National Instruments
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I have xilinx ise 14.7 installed, but no pld template installed in multisim. Maybe I need to copy some files in certain folders to make them work one with the other?
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Please have a look at this page:


The PLD schematic was designed for the Education Edition and the Power Pro doesn't have this option. However, if you want to use this option, please create a service request at:

Tien P.

National Instruments
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Hello, you need to install the Multisim Education Edition.



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