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Conveyor belt simulation in Multisim 14.1


Can anybody tell me how to create a working simulation desing with the Conveyor_belt in Multisim 14.1?

The educational sample comming with Multisim works perfectly.

However in any new design I create, the box on the conveyor belt won't move, no matter the state of any one of the pins Fwd and Rev.

When I put 5V on one of Fwd or Rev pin, I can clearly see the Wheel turning at high speed, no matter the value for maximum speed I put in the conveyor belt properties.

Are there some configuration values not pointed in Multisim Help that must be set to get a working simulation?

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Hi Jack_22,


Is this the help document you took a look at? Are you creating a custom conveyor belt in your new design? Maybe this document can help shine a light to see how to set the conveyor logic and get the simulation working?

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Hi Chaka123,

Thanks for links, but I've already had a look at both of them.

The second document is the description of the educational sample comming with Multisim. This one works fine.

My problem is when I try to create a new design. If I place the CONVEYOR_BELT component from the Master Database in my new design, (or even if I copy and paste the one from the Multisim sample) there is nothing I can do to control the speed of this conveyor belt nor make the box move in any simulation.

I guess this situation has to do with some simulation parameter(s) not set correctly but I can't figure out which simulation parameter(s) should be set and what are acceptable values. Moreover, there is nothing regarding this issue in the help documents.

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Hello Jack_22,


Can you share an example Design in which you have the Conveyor_Belt setup and not working, to see if the error is reproduced and check what should be changed?



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Hi jdel12,


Here is a simple example. As I stated in a previous post, this setup makes the motor spind at high speed when started with "G" or "D" (despite a specified maximum speed of 0.25 m/s) and the box doesn't move. The logic involving the TTL gates is totally correct and the resistors are simple pull down.

I am convinced that it has to do with some simulation parameter(s) not set correctly, however I can't figure out which one(s) and even less what their value(s) should be!

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I finally found that for the CONVEYOR_BELT to run properly in a new Multisim 14.1 Design, the parameters TMAX and TSTEP under "Interactive Simulation" of the menu "Simulate - Analyses and simulation", must be modified.

Default value for these parameters when creating a new Design is "Determine automatically". To change this value, check the box in front of the parameter name and enter the desired value.

I got good results with TMAX=0.1 s and TSTEP=0.1 s.

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