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Convert "MS13-model" to "cir"


How i can to convert MS13-model format to "cir" format? Or how to use "MS13-model" in Multisim14?

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Hi Levontay,


Here is a list of all the formats that can be opened in Multisim 14.


Warm Regards,


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So what? I need to create komponent with model, but Multisim may load only spice-model. I not need to load project files. What can to use MS13-files in wizard for create component?

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Hi Levontay,


I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are trying to do. You asked if Multisim 14 was able to open Multisim 13 model files and that is correct. 


Do you want to know if there is a file converter in Multisim 13? or do you want to know if you can open Multisim 13 files in Multisim 14?



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