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Convert ms11 to ms10

Convert ms11 to ms10

I have Multisim 11 and I want to share files with someone who has Multisim 10.  I can open their files fine, but they can not open the ms11 files.  I can not figure out how to save as ms10 or export the files.  Is there a way I can save an ms11 file as ms10 format using Multisim 11 saftware?

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Re: Convert ms11 to ms10

Multisim is only forwards compatible- not backwards compatible. This means that you can open older Multisim files in the latest version, but cannot open a newer file in an older version. If you only need simulation data, like the netlist, then this is something you could possibly port over, but would need to keep in mind that Multisim 11 provides greater model and parameter support than Multisim 10 so you may run into issues on that front.


This thread explains it further:

Natasha Baker
R&D Engineer
National Instruments

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Re: Convert ms11 to ms10

i'm having this same problem with MS11 and 12 . it's really a bad thing !!! now I have to re-do all of my work !!!!....isn't there any way we can solve this problem??? I think NI. can solve this easily !!! .... i mean, you do have the best programmers in the world!!!!!
please help! 

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Re: Convert ms11 to ms10

It would be nice if Multisim 12 could save a file as a ms11 file, and just disable any features that are available only in ms12.

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Re: Convert ms11 to ms10



I'll place this as a request but for now it is only forwards compatible sorry.


Kind Regards,

Miguel V
National Instruments
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