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Co-Simulation Multisim / LabVIEW

Hi all,


I'm a beginner at MyRIO and labview.


I would like to see the MyRIO analog input signal in multisim tektronix. How to simulate myrio signals in multisim? Or I want to synchronize multisim and labview simulations. My priority is to simulate multisim. I want directly work with myrio and multisim.

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Why not don't works? 


Multisim Ver. : 14.2

Labview Ver. : 2015

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You should upload the actual labview code.  If that were available I would try to work with it.



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I don't have a myRIO available at the  moment and I can't save my multisim file as a ms13 file.


The only change I made in the multisim file was to change the square generator frequency from 1Hz to 100Hz


For the labview VI I removed the myRIO channel and then changed the timing settings

image.pngTiming Setting



Lab view file saved as LV2014 is attached.


I think your issues were around the timing settings, hope this helps.

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Hi Dave,


I can't open your VI. I am trying your settings and basic circuit. This circuit works on multisim. But not works on Labview.

I can find "Control and simulation" for myrio project template. And I can't find "Control and simulation" for blank project template. Could it be about that?

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What version of LabView are you using?


I grabbed the two links below from some tutorial notes I've set aside. I recomend you try these if you haven't been through them already.


On the bottom of the second link there is another link to design a DC motor drive in Co-Simulation

Introductory Tutorial Video: Power Electronics Co-Simulation with NI Multisim and LabVIEW

Introduction to Digital and Analog Co-simulation Between NI LabVIEW and NI Multisim

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