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Clear holes from traces in ultiboard 12 when printing to OH-film


Is there anyway to clear the pad and via holes from traces when printing out the PCB trace?

Im doing a prototype on photolaminated board.

It realy helps to have the holes open wen drillning because the drill bites into the open hole and it doesnt have to go through any copper.

Its realy difficult to trace in ultiboard witout filling out the pads and vias with trace.


In the picture you can se all the holes witch trace in them. I want that gone.

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Hi there,


The following method might help.


1. Enable the vias and THT holes selections.



2. Select all the holes and vias that you want to change.


3. Right click, you will see the Through Hole Pin Properties and uncheck all the boxes shown below.



4. Then you can just print it.


Hope it helps!





National Instruments
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That doesnt help at all. Doing that makes the entire via ring or pad ring disapear. But...i did found out that the holes clear when i print out although that doesnt show up in the preview.. That will work for my prototype etching at home for now.


My next question is if the chinese understand when I send them the gerber file with traces running over the holes....

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In Kunshang, China, there is a PCB town named "Qiandeng". There are lots of factories manufcturing PCBs. 


Check the links below,


It shouldn't be a problem to understand it.




National Instruments
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Hi tubemaster


I thinks this is very simple.

When you print the design, just above the selected layers

there's a mark at 'leave drill holes open'

change this and your holes will be open...



Best regards


stressed user



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I am also having the same problem in gerber setting. I tried a lot to do that. Ticking "Leave Drill Holes Open" works fine in print option, but "Open Pad Holes" option doens't work ar all in the gerber setting. In gerber, hole is covered by the traces. If there is no trace, the hole is clear. But if there is trace, it overlaps the hole.


Can anybody help for this problem??


Thank you!

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When printing to an overhead film, you can use the 'leave drill holes open' option.

When you make your own boards at home, the holes serve as a guide when you're drilling.


When you make gerbers, and I presume this is for ordering boards from a board manufacturer, you should not use the 'leave drill holes open ' option.

They drill their holes automatically, and they might choose drills that are not exact the same size as the one you used in the layout.

more important: when maken boards with two or more layers (4--6 etc) the layers are stacked and drilled after all layers are glued together.

So they want the holes to be covered on all layers, so the drill will be on the same spot in every layer.

otherwise there might be misalignments and via's and through hole pads would not be plated perfectly...


I hope this answers your questions.



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So, funny thing happened. Bought a new printer and suddenly the drill holes doesnt clear when printing out with that. Tried with my old printer, working. Print to pdf working. How can a printer software disregard the leave drill holes open command?

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