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Circuit error (booster) 12V - 54V

Hi my name is Eduardo, I was working with multsim 14, making some boosters for a project, most of the circuits worked fine, but there is this one in particular that i cant make it work, i dont know why, i attached an image of the circuit and the Convergence Assistant, which tell me everytime that the error is fixed, but when i run it again the error happen again in the same way. Im new in this kind of forums, please only contructive aswers, i will look it by myself too, but if someone have an idea that can give me by taking a look i will appreciate it a lot. Thanks and have a good day



Multisim Convergence Assistant Summary Report
Convergence Assistant Summary Report
The simulation error was corrected successfully.
Changes Made:
Multisim Convergence Assistant Log
Step 1: Verifying Error Scenario
Step 2: Setting parameter Integration Method (METHOD) to Gear
...completed. Simulation error fixed.
Step 3: Attempting rollback of Integration Method (METHOD) to Gear
...Rollback successful.
Convergence Assistant completed successfully.

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First of all, thanks for your answer, it was a very good idea but sadly in this circuit didnt work, after a few seconds running it crashes, i will continue searching, good day.

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Just a thought, have you tried a gate resistor between the function generator and the transistor gate?

2 or 3 ohm's is not a bad starting point.


Are you running this at 50% duty cycle?

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I`m sorry Dave for not answering before, i tried the gate resistor but it didnt work, for now i`m leaving that circuit, and i started working on some others. Thanks for your time. Good day.

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Hoi Dave, i read your answer and now i'm asking to you , can the problem may came from the 50% duty cycle about you? because, Im having some similar problem with my interleaved DCDC converter in multisim, which use 50% dc. 

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