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Charge Controller


I am working on building a charge controller Multisim that I found online to see how well it works. I am not very proficient at Multisim and I am struggling. The charge controller I am trying to simulate is the attached jpg. Can also be found on this website:" ". I have the model built but when I try to adjust the 10k pots and then change the incoming voltage the simulations faults out. I was wondering if you guys knew why or how to fix this? The model is also attached so you could view it and possibly update it to whatever would be best. I have tried deleting most of the components and running it and it still happens. So I don't know if the issue is the 555 chip or what. Another thing I am struggling with is the SPDT relay. Would you guys happen to know what the settings should be for this relay on Multisim for my circuit?


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I ran your simulation and I saw a similar behavior, as soon as I change dramatically the potentiometer Multisim throws out an error. However, if I run again the simulation, it can handle it. I think that this is related to how Multisim manages the resistance change while the simulation takes place. In other words, it seems that Multisim cannot keep up with abrupt changes. Do you need to change this value during the simulation? 

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