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Change + - of op amp


How do you flip the + - of the op amp like + at the bottom and - on the top

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Hi ddnguyen686,



I don't have Multisim (Desktop) application, I made my observations for this reply in Multisim Live.


For the generic/virtual 5-Terminal operational amplifier we can simply choose the appropriate symbol from the Configuration pane as shown in this screenshot





For real operational amplifiers (with part numbers such as μA741 and LM324), there is no alternate symbol with the input terminal positions interchanged. We might try to rotate by 180° (90° twice) then mirror horizontally. However, Vs- goes to the top while Vs+ (along with balance terminals) goes to the bottom (see the image below). Note also that the names of input terminals (IN+ and IN-) are upside down.


µA741 - Interchanging Of IN+ And IN- Terminals-schematic.png



In Multisim (Desktop) application, maybe you can try editing the symbol.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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try right-clicking on the symbol. there is options to flip it.

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