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Cannot find resistance in Multisim for DSDB

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Hi all

I am using Multisim 14.1 Education Edition and DSDB and I want to build a circuit according to the this documents in multisim. However, I cannot find components like Resistance,PNP, VCC and so on. How can I fix this problem?

The software list is shown as below:

  • LabVIEW2015
  • Multisim 14.1 Education Edition.
  • National Instruments Digital Systems Development Board
  • LabVIEW 2015 SP1 FPGA Module Xilinx Tools Vivado 2014.4


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Hi Zoe,

I am not sure whether this problem is because it is in PLD mode, but usually you will be able to find resistors in the Basic group.

List of PLD components


multisim resistor.PNG

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Hi Carmen


Thanks for your reply.

According to the documents I mentioned before, components like tesisrors should exist. So I want to figure out what is wrong with my operation. Thanks again for your help!


Best regards

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Accepted by topic author ZoeWang
05-07-2019 05:57 PM

Hi Zoe,

Just wondering whether your project is created using

  1. Open a new blank design.
  2. Select Place»New PLD subcircuit


  1.  In Multisim, select File»New.
  2.   Click the PLD Design… the click the Create button.

From this tutorial , when you create a PLD Design, the components shown (PLD mode) is similar to your screenshot.

Best regards,


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Hi Carmen


Thanks for your reply!I  figured out what went wrong with my operation. :) There are two mode in the tutorial, and I mixed the Simulation Schematic and the PLD Schematic.


Have a nice day!





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