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Can't place components in Multisim 14.1 Education

I have access to the toolbars, however, when I try to open the component library it deselects the multisim window like it opened the library but nothing pops up. I have no restrictions selected, I have tried the forced reinstall, nothing has worked. Please help!

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This document might be helpful:


However if it  is not, can you share screenshots, of what you are seeing?

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Multi-Sim 14

I have a similar problem. I am unable to place any component in Multi-Sim. I am able to Place Lines, Junctions Buses, Cionnectors,  Ladder Rungs,  etc but not discrete components. This is with my work place computer placed at my home. How ever at my work place I am able to place the Component. Both folders are in the same ONE DRIVE. I also have VPN connection to my work

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Same issue😔😔

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