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Can't export to PLD with CNTR_BCD_SDC PLD component.

Hello all,


I'll be brief here. I've designed a 0-99 counter with a next and reset button for a digital electronics class I'm in. However, I am not able to export the document to the PLB board (basically get the .bit file to program the FPGA board I have). 


I have isolated the error component as the CNTR_BCD_SDC counter. I have tried another few coutners from the database and it still fails to export. I wish I knew what I was looking for, but I really don't.


I've attached the Multisim file, so if anyone is able to take a look at it, maybe export it and get it successful, and reupload the .bit file, I would be estatic. Or just tip me off to whats wrong as to why the export is failing.



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This problem is likely not the circuit but your setup.  Please provide me with the following information:

1.  What version of Multisim are you using?

2.  What is your operating system?

3.  Which Xilinx version are you using?


Tien P.

National Instruments
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I am running into the same issues as ItWasLuck3 in that I am continually running into an error when trying to export my 0 to 99 counter to PLD.  I am currently running Multisim 11.0.1 and Xilinx 13.3 on a Windows XP Professional.  My issues could very well be the setup but I cannot see it as I am teaching myself how to work this program.  Please, any assistance you can give me would be greatly apprecated.



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Hi Sampson7000,


If you are not able to export any PLD circuit created in Multisim to the NI Digital FPGA Board, the problem is likely your setup.  If you are exporting directly from Multisim 11 to the FPGA board, you have to install Xilinx 10.1. 13 will not work.  If you are not exporting directly from Multisim, please describe your export process and any error messages.






Tien P.

National Instruments
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Tien P: What would you suggest to fix my trouble: Error: The current step failed: Export aborted.

I am following various recommendations found online, but none works.

My initial set up was to deliver the digital course you have online to my students.

I followed all the recommended set up procedures, but at the last step it aborts the exporting of the PLD file to the Basys3 board.

any thoughts?!



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