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Can I globally change the footprint of components in Multisim 10?

I generally use only one footprint size and tolerance of resistor. If I don't enter these values for every resistor then Multisim treats it as a virtual component and it doesn't get imported into Ultiboard. Doing this is quite tedious, especially for a large circuit. Is there a way of changing all the resistor parameters at once, or does it have to be done for every single value? This is also true for ranges of capacitors.
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Multisim's Spreadsheet View is a great tool to set/change various parameters for multiple components at once.
This is what you need to do in order to assign the same footprint to multiple/all resistors:
  • Open Spreadsheet View (menu view > Spreadsheet View)
  • Select the Components tab
  • Click on the column header RefDes and click on Sort Ascending (A->Z)
  • Select all resistors (click on the first resistor press Shift and click on the last resistor in the column)
  • Scroll to the right an click in any of the select rows in the column Footprint
  • The Select Footprint dialog appears.
  • The footprint you select will be assigned to all selected resistors
  • Resistors will turn from black (virtual) to blue (real) in your schematic
Ingo Foldvari
Area Sales Manager - US West Academic
National Instruments
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