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Can I add microcontrollers library to Multisim ?


Can I add a microcontrollers library to Multisim?


Hello Guys, I have a question.


I'm engineering student in electronic, and sometimes I have used Multisim for design and simulation the different circuits, but I haven't seen a part or a section for the AVR or the other microcontrollers, the microcontrollers only, that I see are MCUs PIC´S and 805x.


So can I add a library for the AVR´s MCUs?, If this can be done, How can I do it?


Thank you

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Hello Jesus_Reyes,


Thank you for using the National Instruments forums. Unfortunately our Multisim MCU Module only supports Microchip PIC16F84 (a) and Intel 8051/8052 microcontrollers as you mentioned, as well as advanced peripherals such as external RAM and ROM.

What MCU family is the one you are trying to use? We would like to know the users preferences when using our products.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Edgar Rosales
Ingeniería de Aplicaciones
National Instruments
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what happens when i click on the link here; "You do not have access to view this page or to perform this action."


How we can solve this problem?

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