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Building a single stage amplifier and I need some help.

Building a common-emitter amplifier and im trying to achieve a voltage gain of 80 non-inverted. I have no resistor or capacitor values to derive from, but I do have a data spec sheet for the BJT and its characteristic curves. The BJT is a 2N3904. I would gladly appreciate any help or a kick in the right direction.

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I has been a few decades since I designed a single stage BJT amplifier but I recall from teaching such designs that you have set yourself a very difficult, if not impossible, set of specifications.


First, what kind of circuit configuration are you planning to use to get a non-inverting amplifier with a single stage?  The only common emitter configuration which produces a non-inverted output is the emitter follower which has voltage gain <= 1.


Next, a voltage gain of 80 in a single stage will be difficult because of the interaction of bias, gain, impedance, and supply limits.  Do you have specifications for power supply voltage, and input or output impedances? It is very easy to set up impossible combinations.



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