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Bug in the BAR_LED_RED_FOUR component

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I have found a bug in the BAR_LED_RED_FOUR component. There is an error in the SPICE model of the third LED in the bar:

.SUBCKT BAR_LED_FOUR%p 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
D1 8 8a LED_mod
V1 8a 1 DC 0
D2 7 7a LED_mod
V2 7a 2 DC 0
D3 6 6a LED_mod
V3 6a 3 DC 03   <---- this should be 0, other than 03
D4 5 5a LED_mod
V4 5a 4 DC 0

Because of this bug, the third LED doesn't light on if connected to a power supply of 5V, as shown in the attached imagine.Bug.jpg

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Yes you are right.

I have tried and got the same bug.

You can write to the Technical Support of NI as a bug report and they will report it developers.


Best regards. 

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Thank you for your advice.
Best regards.

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