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Buck-boost converter with compensation network



I am trying to design a buck-boost regulator with a compensation network type III, after running a Matlab simulation.

But I can´t seem to make it work under Multisim. I am used to Multisim, but I don´t know what is going on (the converter circuit alone works).

Does anyone have experience or a file with that kind of circuit?

File attached.



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Hello, mackenzista


First, I tested your circuit and the first problem is that the integration method is not converging and so you receive a error. In this cases you can try to decrease maximum time step and initial time step parameters. It is important to say that is very commum to face this type of error when the circuit has a error in components values or connection, making the circuit dynamics ot run as expected. 


I tried to reduce time step and simulation had run but not as expected. It seens the circuits has some design problem. Is there any difference in the simulation you did in Matlab? 


May you share with us the schematic/circuit you have reffered to (book, web pages or so on)? And may you provide us with a screenshot of your Matlab code?



Plínio Costa
Applications Engineer II
National Instruments Brazil

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