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Automate Multisim Activation


Hi there,

I'm encountering an error when trying automate the activation of Multisim & I'm not using a VLM. I've referenced the support materials here:


Here's the command I'm using:

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\National Instruments\shared\license manager\bin\nilmUtil.exe" -s -activate "Multisim_Edu_PKG_140100" -serialnumber "*********" -firstname "MyName" -lastname "MyLastName" -organizationname "MyInstitution"


(I've removed the serial, name & institution info for this post)

If I run the above command without the -s, a pop-up message states "There are no licenses on your machine that need to be activated." even though the Multisim 14.1 - Schematic capture and simulation - Education Edition is most definitely not activated.


When I manually activate the software in the NI License Manager GUI I'm prompted to enter an email & password in order to complete the activation, however, the command line does not provide an option to enter an email & password. I've looked through these forums & exhausted my Google-fu & have had no luck finding a solution to this.

Ultimately I'm trying to figure out why the software isn't activating & why it's necessary to enter an email & password to complete the activation via the GUI, but not through command line?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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