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Audrino Template

I was looking for Audrino device which is not in Components Library, but this site explains how to get template, But cant find where the download is can anyone help.


Regards John


Templates and Component Library

Go to the Downloads section and download the file. Unzip this file. You will find a component library (UsrComp.usr) with custom symbols and footprints and all the template files (*.mst13 extension).

To install the component library:

  • Launch Multisim.
  • Select Tools»Database»Merge database.
  • Select your User Database as the Target database.
  • Click on the Select a Component Database Name button
  • Browse the UsrComp.usr database file, and click on Open.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Select the Auto-Rename option.
  • Click on OK.
  • Once status is "Done" click on the Close button
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hello everybody.


thanks for that info. it might be very helpful.

I have it tried, but have got a problem. I am using MS14.1 and that template  has been designed for\by MS 13. 

MS14.1 does not want to open it, returns incompatibility message.

I have tried to covert it using  DB conversion tools. it seems like conversion works OK , but I can not find where MS puts converted files.

does anybody know how to solve that problem.


thanks in advanse



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This doesn't seem to work. I keep getting:

"Problem: Failed to open the database[User Database]. The file format/version does not match, and cannot be merged."

It suggests that I try and run the database conversion, but it doesn't seem to want to recognize the user database either.

I'm using Multisim 14.1 on Windows 10, 64bit. 

Any help? Thanks



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Hey John,


By any chance where you able to find and download the file ? I am having the hardest time looking for these templates.


Best regards,


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