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Audio system with no signal at input using multisim

Hello there. I'm having a problem simulating circuits based on these problems.

Problem : In the same audio system, when there is no signal at the input, self-sustained sinusoidal oscillations of 2 Vp–p amplitude and of following frequencies are to be generated:

  1. 200 Hz;
  2. 20 kHz;
  3. 20 MHz.

Then, depending on the control circuit output, any one of these oscillations is to be selected and given as input to some other part of this audio system. Design circuits, which serve this purpose. What changes should you make in the circuits, so that the frequency can be varied in the range?

Give as many circuit variations as you can. Discuss their relative advantages and disadvantages. Of the designed circuits, which one has the best stability?


This is a simulation assignment. You may use any circuit simulation software (PSPICE, MultiSIM, Proteus etc). You should analyze the simulation results.

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