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Anyone have the spice code to sim a log pot in Multisim 9?

I am trying to simulate a log(audio taper) pot in Multisim 9.  For some dumb reason the libraries do not have log pots

Any help out there?


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Attach is a circuit I built in Multisim 9 to emulate the log potentiometer.

The key component for this circuit is the voltage control resistor which you can find this in the basic virtual library.  The DC source on the far left is to emulate the wiper position.  The other DC source is to emulate the pot resistance, in this example 10V represent a 10K pot.  Basically, the wiper DC source feed into a non-linear control voltage source which contains log (VIN) equation.   From the non-linear source it controls one side on the pot.  The other side is control by the Adder which is 10V-output of the non-linear source.  If you use an ohm meter should measure the resistance on the other side.

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