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Analyzing Quiescent Currents and Voltages of H-Bias Common Emitter Amplifier

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I am trying to analyze the DC Quiescent values for a 2N3904 Transistor. I determined the resistor values I will need to have to work with a 20V supply and a quiescent collector current of 2.5 mA. My question is how do i simulate this transistor in multisim online the default npn does not seem to give the expected values. I have the spec sheet for the transistor and it has spice data but i am unsure how to use this.
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Accepted by topic author Jaydaar
10-24-2018 06:12 PM

Hi Jay!


from my understanding, this is a generic npn transistor. If you have the SPICE model of the 2N3904, you can compare and edit it with the one on Multisim Live. I have attached a screenshot on where you can check this. 


Once you found it, you can edit it and run your tests.


Have a great day!

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I realized my version is trial so I cannot change the model. thank you

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