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Activating Multisim 14.0 Student Edition

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Hello all,


I am having trouble activating Multisim 14.0 (student edition) in my laptop. I bought Multisim 14.0 a few years ago for my old laptop, however I recently purchased a new laptop so I want to transfer Multisim from my old laptop to my new one. From my understanding, all I have to do is download Multisim 14.0 Student Edition in my new laptop, then activate it. Since I already purchased it in my old laptop, I should have no problems activating it in my new laptop. However, my problem is that whenever I try downloading Multisim 14.0, it always downloads Multisim 14.1 instead.


I am using this link to download Multisim "14.0":


Upon following the download instructions, it always ends up downloading 14.1 instead. Since the software I bought was version 14.0, I cannot use its serial number to activate version 14.1. I am just wondering from where I can download 14.0. I have searched quite a few places but there are no options to download 14.0. 


Please see the attached screenshot of Multisim 14.1. 


Please help me in this matter.



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Accepted by topic author NashSth

Well, I just downloaded NI Circuit Design Suite from the link you shared in your post and I didn't find anything unusual.





You may have noticed that there are two download links in the Available Downloads section.


The first link says I am evaluating NI Circuit Design Suite Educational Edition and it sends you to this site. The Evaluation version is always the latest one which in this case would be the 14.1.


The second link says I am a current user of NI Circuit Design Suite Educational Edition and when you click it, the NI_Circuit_Design_Suite_14_0_Education.exe is downloaded. You should be able to install Multisim 14.0 Student Edition using this executable.


By the way, I hope that your new laptop doesn't have Windows 10 as the OS because as you can see in the same link you shared or the Readme file of this software, Multisim 14.0 is not supported on Windows 10.


Warm Regards,


Alejandro Balma

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Wow yes all I needed to do was click on that 2nd link! Thank you for your help. 🙂

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You're welcome!

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I am a student and I can't get the activation code 

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i am student i need activation code


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