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AC simulation raw file


I had run AC simulation in Multisim and need to read the raw type file result into Labview. But I just confuse about the variable units in the result text.


    0    frequency    frequency grid=3
    1    $2    voltage
 0    1.000000000000000e+000,0.000000000000000e+000


From my understanding, the first value before ',' is the frequency in log and the below value after ',' is the output voltage in dB. FYI, before simulation, I'd set the the frequency in log and the voltage in desibel. Is my guess correct?

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Hi Rihairi,

I beleive your guest should be correct.

However, to confirm this, please send us the circuit you build, how do you configure AC simulation, and how can you create this file.

Regards, Kate
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