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AC Series LCR Circuit


I have a hands-on lab that I want to transform to a MultiSim exercise. An inductor, capacitor, and a resistor in series with a varying sinusoidal frequency signal. How do I use the 4-Channel oscilloscope so the students can see the voltage signals across each component. With the ground on one side of the circuit, only the last component, on the ground side, will display the correct voltage signal. How do I connect the other two components so these signals can all be seen together? Thank you, in advance. The attached file is looking at the current and voltage across the resistor, since it's next to the ground side of the circuit.

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I could use two 2-channel oscilloscopes, since they work like a voltmeter. But it would be great to see all four signals on the same scope, so the students can see ELI the ICEman more clearly.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.


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You could use a transient analysis instead and use the probes to set it up. And then you can use the differential probe with it's own reference node.

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Thanks but I kind of like using three 2-channel oscilloscopes, since they can be hooked up so each shows the current on one channel and the voltage across the three components on the other channel. It's important the the students observe the phase relationships. And, the 2-channel oscilloscope operates much like you have described.


I have never used MultiSim before and am under a time crunch. I didn't quite follow what you are suggesting, since I am not well-versed in MultiSim speak! Which probes are you referring? Thanks for your help.

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These are the probes that I'm refering to. And you'd click on Interactive to change to Transient. 


The reference prove is the one with the +/- next to it. 

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Thanks, again. I really appreciate it. Which one is more realistic? With the equipment we normally use in the lab, it's a lot like the 2-Channel Oscilloscope, except you only need one. In the lab, the students usually measure all three voltages and then use the resistance and its voltage to get the current. In MSim, the current sensor is nice. Being online, a little break here and there is good. What's the benefit of transient?


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