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45 degrees rotation in Multisim

Hi Buechsenschuetz,


I'm sorry to hear that you are missing functionality and usabilty in Multisim, but I would encourage you to post your ideas for improvements in the Idea Exchange. We would really like to hear your feedback for schematic capture there, and if your ideas get enough agreement and kudos from other users, R&D will consider incorporating them into the product. 




National Instruments

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Thank you for your kind answer. Actually, we do not make too much circuit design anymore and I'll probably never be a great Multisim user. Every software has its pros and cons, and I have to say that Multisim saved us a lot of time when designing some analog circuitry years ago (we were in the transition period from Eagle to EWB back then, did the circuit design and simulation with Multisim and the schematics and board with Eagle). Maybe Multisim got some improvements over time, we are still using Multisim 10 (and, due to lack of use, probably will not do any upgrades). On the other hand, as mentioned, I was quite happy with some Ultiboard features which give a lot of support for manual routing. 

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Can you make a virtual diode on 45 degrees to?

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This is December 2017 and this issue is not resolved, beautiful INTELLIGENT bs.

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I made one this morning,

hope you can use it for your project



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