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4-20mA current measurement module design


Hello everyone,


I am searching for different design ideas and thus circuits for measuring 4-20mA current value (input for the circuit) and changing it into a voltage value for 0-5V. I make a list of design flow charts. I googled it as current looop receiver and I have learnt some components like opto couplers but I am a beginner to embedded design stuffs, so if you help me about ideas, I would be pleasured.Thank you in advance.

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In order to share the proper information about the circuit designs, I would like to understand what is that you are building? What is the end of the circuit? 

From my end, I strongly recommend looking further information outside of NI forums since we normally do not support circuit designs by itself. If you have any question with the simulation of the circuit, feel free to share it. We will be glad to assist you.



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