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3.5mm Pitch PCB terminal blocks

I'm here because I have ran out of ideas.

I was recently given a box full of PCB screw terminals ranging from 2 pin to 4 pin, however they are all 3.5mm pitch.

Multisim doesn't have any components on the database that are 3.5mm pitch, so does anyone have a database file for a terminal that is 3.5mm pitch that they can provide me?



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I am afraid this link will not be too helpful. 


It redirects you to the Adafruit page where you can find CAD data for their 3.5mm pitch terminal blocks since you will find EAGLE compatible CAD data only. Usually it is very difficult, if not impossible, to convert library data to different layout systems. 


I think it might be easier to create your own footprint by using the Adafruit (or whatever manufacturer) device drawings. 

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