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24V battery charger circuit [ help needed ]


I have attached my multisim ckt with this...


i need to design a 24V SLA battery(Sealed Lead Acid) battery charger... for that i got this circuit and simulated it in multisim... but it shows error.. i.e., i leave the charging of NON IDEAL BATTERY to get charge till 24V but could not get it.. error exist soon...


pls tell me whether i need to keep that type of load (NON IDEAL BATTERY) for charging or some other battery model available? (using capacitor)


some other circuit description and materials is given with this..


please help me ...



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Your circuit design is proper, what is causing the conversion failure is the many instruments you used.


I replaced them with one multimeter at the output, if you want to review the voltage or current of other nodes just reconnect. Other than this your design seems to be fine.


Check the attached design.


Hope this resolves your problem.



Mahmoud W

National Instruments

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Thankyou for the reply sir,


i checked the simulation now as you said... but showing error after charging to 7V of the non ideal battery.. 


till 7V it charges and after that its an error...


pls help... 

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Hi again,


I managed to get your circuit to charge to 24V, here are a few hints that may be useful:


- Run a transient time simulation form 0 to 3600s or 36000s (1 or 10hrs) with a step of 0.1 and display the output voltage (it takes a few minutes to run), that way you will be able to predict how fast and in what way your circuit charges.


- From a design stand point try to tweak the values of R4 and C3.


- Change your ground connection to the negative node of the battery.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


Mahmoud W

National Instruments

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Sir can you design this into Multisim software....? plz its urgent??/

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This forum is to support Multisim (schematic, SPICE and layout) questions, not questions on specific circuit applications.   If you do have a circuit drawn in Multisim, we'd be happy to help.   We don't know if you want these specific components or if you want ideal components, nor do we know what version of Multisim you are running on your computer. Is your question just with simulation or layout too?


This circuit appears relatively straight forward to draw in Multisim, have you given it a try?  If you have already drawn the circuit in Multisim or at least tried but have not gotten it to function, please attach the file along with specific Multisim questions.


- Pat N

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ok i got you....i tried but the thing was irritating me the last one which shown that the battery is being charged. what should i attach there to get the desire result??

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Sir, one more thing... can you attach the oscilloscope to this circuit to get the simulation.... i cant connect it...

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Sir, i have drawn the circuit in MUltisim.. Now what shoulg i do further? and how can i connect the oscilloscope to get the smulation?

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plz reply....em waiting

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