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24V battery charger circuit [ help needed ]



To place the oscilloscope in your circuit, simply go to the right hand pannel in Multisim and place it.


I looked at your circuit, it's missing a ground node and it has a few open circuits. I'd recommend you follow some of the getting started with Multisim tutorials here:

Thank you,

Mahmoud W

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we are trying to simulate dc to dc charging circuit for a cell, when we try to keep a battery of 3.6v, multimeter shows max as 3.6, how to know if the charging voltage goes beyond 3.6, is the battery protected

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The circuit you have attached had a few wrong connections and a wrong transformer component.


I modified it for you, please see the attached image.


As for the oscilloscope, it could be found in the instrument pannel on the left hand side of Multisim.


I ran the simulation and it's working, the second image is a snapshot from the oscilloscope.


Thank you,

Mahmoud W

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Dear Sir,


According to your design I have designed same circuit but slightly changed some componets value. I have attacted my design here. 

But it doesnt work like yours ckt. And I have few question,

1. how I define charging current in my Ckt.

2. Charging voltage should be 27.6V for 24V battery, (12 cells * 2.3V= 27.6V).

3. And Transformer winding voltage should be 35V to charge 24 battery, (charging voltage (27.6V)+regulator voltage drop(3V)+2 diodes drop (1.4V)=32V+10%sefty=35V.


But  in your design you have used 24V transfomer instead of 35V transformer (which I have used in my design). 


Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks

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Hello, Can anyone help me with my circuit? This is only a charging circuit, voltage regulator and switching are separated. Assuming that our input voltage vary from 0 to 12 V. We're also be using a 12V battery to be charged. There are three indicators, yellow led for charging, red led for under voltage of the battery (0 to 11.5V) and green for full charged. but were not coming up with the desired results. I wonder why. -.- I hope someone helps. Thanks.


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