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Since EAGLE has become so widespread many part manufacturers provide part libraries as EAGLE files downloads.

It would be really useful to be able to import these EAGLE part libraries into the Ultiboard database.


This is my fourth advise about Ultiboard ideas.

We should have better FANOUT BGA routing in the ultiboard. The current one does not work well and is not able to complete BGA Fanouts. Everytime I should draw it manually to have better and complete Fanouts.



This is my third post about Ultiboard and I have an advise if Ultiboard Team listens.


Ultiboard should have Track and Via Shoving function to have more proffessional CAD design tool. This is really annoying without this function especially when we draw small pcbs of BGA design.




So far so good.

It would be awesome if Multisim Live included also the Multimeter feature, as the PC software.



i am looking forward to see sensors and transducers in Multisim, for example models of thermocouples, NTC and PTC , LDR, even ultrasonic sensors  and LVDT can be easily added to Multisim. 

also i am waiting to improve the microphone model so that we can use it immediately in the circuit.  Further more, we are looking forward to Arduino in multisim.



I am using Multim Touch form the applestore and I am very satisfied. But...

How about a Pro version of Multisim Touch with a price tag around 30.0 U$S but with more capabilities

like being able to use self-defined models, having some more components form the beginnig and being able

to exchange files (like models for instance) over iTunes in the App section.

I think educators and hobbyst would most likely be very inetersted.


It would be nice if PDF/SVG/LaTeX PGF export of Multisim Live Graph and Circuit to include it in academic literature like papers, books...

Recently in class we were using the Signal Generator and the Bode Plotter.  It made it somewhat difficult to get the correct readings because the live version does not include an option to place an open wire (was using it on an op amp) like in the application version.  It also made it somewhat difficult to change an AC current when involving different equations. Overall I like the Live version.

After placing some probes on my circuit, if I move any of the components, the attached wires will move accordingly, but the probes will not. Therefore they are no longer connected to the wires and need to be reconnected manually. I would like for probes to be attached to the wires and move along wtith them when moving components.



I am a noob in electronics and are following along one the popular
books: "Make:Electronics", but this idea is applicable for any textbook in electronics.




Besides actually "breadboarding" the exercises in the book,  i would like to simulate them to get the hang of that side of things also, and after a lot of research, the web interface of "MultiSim Live" seem to be the perfect alternative.

In my case because the "2N6027" PUT component is missing from most competitors, but exist in Multisim Live Premium, and many excercises in the book depend on it.


Here is the idea:


Would it not be nice if the author could create a temporary subscription in Multisim Live for its subscribers, where only the components in the book are included?


The subscriber would still have to pay for it, but for a much smaller price, since it is only make sense if you have the book.


- Multisim Live would get great advertisment since the product is referred to throughout the book.

- Beginners like me would not have to worry that we dont find the correct components , since they are listed when you login to multisim with this special subscription package.

- Of course, the author could have pre-made excercises in Multisim live to drive home points

- The opportunities for converting these subscribers to premium subscribers would be endless



Absolutely zero


Please NI make this happen, its a no-brainer 🙂






Increase the library of microcontrollers like PIC, AVR Atmega in Multisim. There is Proteus software available which already have a vast library, but I like Multisim Environment and don't want to move to Proteus.

Currently (Ultiboard 14.0) parts automatically glue to guidelines if one 'catches' a part center when placing a guideline. Then. when a part is glued, it moves along with the guldeline.


 When one works on a precise part of layout and aligns components using guidelines, guidelines can catch parts in other part of the PCB and destroy layout there. Please disable this feature or at least make it optional.



Piotr Falkowski

Hardware Engineer, ZF TRW

It would be good to allow undoing polygons vertex by vertex. Now when one makes a mistake when laying up a polygon, he/she has to cancel the drawing and start over. It would be a big improvement if there was an option to remove the last created polygon vertex.

I know Hierarchial Blocks are helpful for circuit diagram reduction, but it is uneasy to browse & safe keep the hierarchial block file every time I need it. So it would be better if there's any way to convert the hierarchial block for into a permanent spice component in the user database of the component library. So is there any way?
Current version of Multisim doesn't allow to view the Fourier Analysis Magnitudes in the form of Histogram. I hope it does in upcoming version.

Make part selection select parts only on active layer. It is very frustrating when Ultiboard selects and drags e.g. a connector on Top layer along with (intended to be deragged) a resistor on Bottom. Ultiboard also selects locked parts on inactive layers, in situations like in the attached screenshot. I can select the locked part (which is SMT part placed on Top) when dragging parts on Bottom - this is VERY frustrating...



It would be helpful in more complicated designs to have an option to color nets. Currently Ultiboard offers only "Highlight net" option, but it highlights only one net, with a predefined color and disapperas after doing something else. Net coloring allows to glance and see, for example, power pins locations.



Piotr Falkowski

Hardware Engineer, ZF TRW

A very useful improvement to Multisim would be to include support for the Digilent "Nexys 4 DDR" FPGA Board. Multisim 14.0 supports the "Nexys 4 DDR" board (no longer manufactured) but not the new "Nexys 4 DDR" (which replaces thr older one).


Alternatively, Multisim PLD Configuration Files for the Digilent "Nexys 4 DDR" FPGA Board should be made available.




Carlos Gamio

In UB when a selection of multiple text objects are grouped most of them just dissapear.  They do not re-appear when the group is ungrouped.


This is a pain when mutiple structures with text objects exist and need to be replicated in a design.


I reported this as a bug a couple revs back when I was a beta tester and was told it was fixed for the next rev, but it was not.  I updated the defect report with that info, but noone seems to have noticed.


The report does not generate correctly if you don't have all the layers hard selected first in the design toolbox.


I believe this should be considered an error.  The layers exist and should be properly reported, whether they are enabled in the Design Toolbox for viewing or not.