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Often different types of prints are needed.  It should be easy to provide for saving and re-loading a print config as needed.


Export config schemes have already been implemented, which was a big plus.  Similar for printing would be great.


A bonus would be if it also remembered and set the printer properties for the target printer!


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It's a pain switching everything back and forth between metric and imperial, and changing grids for fine detail parts. 


Providing for saving and loading grid and unit configs in UB should be pretty easy to do.

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Sometimes a part wants non-solder mask defined pads with a certain amount of clearance, but I have only seen an option in Ultiboard to expand solder mask openings globally, and not by part.


It would be nice to control this on a part by part (or footprint by footprint) basis.

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If encrypted models were supported more vendors might be willing to release their models for general use.  I've heard quite often from vendors that they don't give out good models because they don't want to make it easier for someone to reverse engineer their parts.


See LTspice for example.  It would be great if MS could support LT encrypted models. As it is now I usually have to go back to LTspice to simulate LT devices.


TI also releases encrypted PSPICE models for many of their parts.


This would be great for their switching regulator models.  I'd much rather use MS to simulate, as the interface is much more modern (not like an MSDOS app from 1990).  It would also save some duplication of work.

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Hello, thanks for response


There is something about MS wire color scheme


Technically there are a lot of colors and tints available but practically to distinguish there are no more than 7 or 8 colors.

My suggestion is to use 2 color scheme – 1 color for wire and 2nd for strip.

In this case wire would be clearly visible with from 7*7 to 8*8 color combinations



with hope it helps

thanks a lot


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I would like to know how to manage anolog and logic signals on multisim.

Thank you for your answers,



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it should be possible to expand ultiboard with user functions like the ulp's from eagle.

My intend is to generate coils or fuses automatically on the pcb copper layer (wires).


There should be a user interface to get the parameter and the coordinates for the placement, number of windings, frequency ...