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I posted the following in the main Multisim - Ultiboard forum but it was suggested I post it here.  Sorry for the duplicate posting.


Digi-key and other distributors are providing schematic symbols and footprints via Ultra Librarian in many formats (e.g. OrCad, Altium, Cadence, even Eagle!!) but NOT for Multisim or Ultiboard.  I have asked the Ultra Librarian people why this is and they say they have tools to support it but are having trouble getting required information from NI to complete the work and make a release.  


What does it take to get Ultra Librarian the information they need?  Who is the right NI contact?  Why do we MS/UB users not have the same tools as the other package users?  




I am missing a functionality which is common to few other design tools.




1) Select component

2) Type on keyboard: srx 30

3) Result: Selected component is moved relatively 30 units in x direction 


This is very efficient way how to position components on the board. You do not have to watch coordinates and carefully = slowly operate with mouse to place component in correct position. 


Best regards,



  • Board layout

Hello to all,


it was cool, if we have MultiSIM 3D virtual breadboard view for myDAQ and Digilent boards like we have for the Elvis boards.

  • Board layout

It would be hugely beneficial to be able to print/export an Ultiboard silkscreen design, where the output is a searchable PDF.


Currently Multisim when printed to PDF is searchable. However Ultiboard draws the text differently and therefore it does not get recognized as text in the PDF output.


This seems to have become worse and worse in recent revisions of MS and UB.  When the spreadsheet is open on a net or part tab in UB or MS every time I touch a net or part or row in the spreadsheet it redraws the screens over and over and over for many many iterations before calming down.  At least 3 times but sometimes as many as maybe 10 or more times.  And it's not very fast either.  It is becoming VERY irritating.

I would like the option to change the color of the PCB. This feature allows a versatile look before sending file to manufacturing.

Red, blue, purple, etc please Smiley Happy





Nibble MC 3D.PNGBits4Bots | Nibble MC Dev

More and more PCB fab vendors are asking for OBD++ output.  Eventually I think you are going to have to support it.

The only way to do a horizontal cylinder is a resistor body between pins.  Often other configurations of horizontal cylinders are needed.  i.e. tubular radial resistor that lays over on it's side, some relay bodies, and various mechanical objects that don't have axial electrical pins. 


I've had to resort to horizontal rectangles to do this, which does not convey the image very accurately.

  • Board layout

It would be helpful in more complicated designs to have an option to color nets. Currently Ultiboard offers only "Highlight net" option, but it highlights only one net, with a predefined color and disapperas after doing something else. Net coloring allows to glance and see, for example, power pins locations.



Piotr Falkowski

Hardware Engineer, ZF TRW

  • Board layout

UB differential pair groups should be able to specify how close to equal length is required.


There is almost always some amount of length matching error.  Not being able to specify allowed error means you will always get a DRC when you have matched length nets.

  • Board layout
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Was advised to post this here so here it is. (again, with tags this time)

Some problems I've encountered so far in no particular order:-

1. Part reference: When selecting a part, regardless of where the cursor is once selected, I would expect the part to jump to the cursor on its part doesn't, it picks it up wherever you choose. I've tried the "change the grids" to smaller, but this seems ridiculous that you have to zoom in to pick a part on centre, or type in co-ords. The only way I've found is via the "part tab", but you can't keep going to that every time you want to move a component.


2. Printing: When printing out the board layers, top, bottom, ident etc. and selecting fit to page, it doesn't, it's like the preview is seeing another layer that is turned off. So you get a print that looks like it's seeing the drawing format.


3. Rotate component: CNTL R for 90deg. If another rotation is required it's by numerous clicks of the mouse. Why can't a specified increment be set up eg 45deg. via say CNTL,ALT R. If numerous components are being placed at a specified angle, to have to click select click select from a mouse right click sub menu is time consuming.


4. Toggle between preset grids via shortcut key.


5. Assign a net a colour: I generally turn 0V & +V off when placing to de-clutter. BUT, where certain nets need to be easily identified, like a locally used voltage, earth ground etc, this is useful.


6. Layers: Global turn ON/OFF of layers, having to double click (to grey, then off) is a pain.


7. Drawing blanks A2, A3 etc: To have said blanks saved as a default with standard commonly used notes, and have the fields/attributes (drawn by, date, drawing no, title, material, finish, etc) tabulated to fill in like an Autocad block.


So far, the manual and the net have failed me for answers.

That's it......for now.



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In a recent design I had rule violations I was not aware of until ordering boards because teardrops added in did not generate errors on spacing violations, even when they were causing a direct short.  I would have to consider this a significant defect in UB.

UB14.1 Win10 64b


Discussion and spacing violation with no errors shown here:

  • Board layout
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It would be nice if the mask would show up in the 3D view of the board.  This would greatly help prevent forgotten or misplaced soldier mask areas when looking at the board in 3D. 

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This is my fourth advise about Ultiboard ideas.

We should have better FANOUT BGA routing in the ultiboard. The current one does not work well and is not able to complete BGA Fanouts. Everytime I should draw it manually to have better and complete Fanouts.

  • Board layout
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This is my third post about Ultiboard and I have an advise if Ultiboard Team listens.


Ultiboard should have Track and Via Shoving function to have more proffessional CAD design tool. This is really annoying without this function especially when we draw small pcbs of BGA design.




  • Board layout
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After placing some probes on my circuit, if I move any of the components, the attached wires will move accordingly, but the probes will not. Therefore they are no longer connected to the wires and need to be reconnected manually. I would like for probes to be attached to the wires and move along wtith them when moving components.

  • Board layout
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Currently (Ultiboard 14.0) parts automatically glue to guidelines if one 'catches' a part center when placing a guideline. Then. when a part is glued, it moves along with the guldeline.


 When one works on a precise part of layout and aligns components using guidelines, guidelines can catch parts in other part of the PCB and destroy layout there. Please disable this feature or at least make it optional.



Piotr Falkowski

Hardware Engineer, ZF TRW

  • Board layout
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It would be good to allow undoing polygons vertex by vertex. Now when one makes a mistake when laying up a polygon, he/she has to cancel the drawing and start over. It would be a big improvement if there was an option to remove the last created polygon vertex.

  • Board layout
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Make part selection select parts only on active layer. It is very frustrating when Ultiboard selects and drags e.g. a connector on Top layer along with (intended to be deragged) a resistor on Bottom. Ultiboard also selects locked parts on inactive layers, in situations like in the attached screenshot. I can select the locked part (which is SMT part placed on Top) when dragging parts on Bottom - this is VERY frustrating...



  • Board layout
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In UB when a selection of multiple text objects are grouped most of them just dissapear.  They do not re-appear when the group is ungrouped.


This is a pain when mutiple structures with text objects exist and need to be replicated in a design.


I reported this as a bug a couple revs back when I was a beta tester and was told it was fixed for the next rev, but it was not.  I updated the defect report with that info, but noone seems to have noticed.


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