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Our company has used Multisim/Ultiboard for about seventeen years now.  I wouldn't know how to calculate the opportunity cost for developing our corporate library of components, but it's safe to say it has been substantial.


Since importing component libraries would save time, I asked NI Technical Support about importing ECAD libraries.  


               "Unfortunately there is nothing on the roadmap for this feature right now. ECAD is certainly a requested feature and we are interested in                    potentially working it into the product. However, there is no any plan for a soon release."


I recommend to anyone considering purchasing PCB CAD software to consider this.

I have worked as a contractor/consultant for many companies, many years and the number one reason there has been no demand for library of symbols, footprints, 3D models is because your potential customers have resorted to other competitors software that use Ultra Librarian. This is the first time I have ever used Multisim and Ultiboard because of that very reason which is hard to believe knowing I am a contractor/consultant.


At our company, Multisim and Ultiboard was recommended by an engineer who used this as an instructor at a University which is good for student education purposes only to learn how to make symbols, footprints, 3D models but in the real world… why not save time and money by using already existing libraries?


You should not only take note of insufficient demand… but why there is insufficient demand and why potential customers have resorted to competitors software.

Hello everyone

It would be great if we could add a dummy object. I mean a schematic element that represents only the footprint. There are so many items that are not in your library. It seems a good idea if I could select a "DIP14" entry without a simulator behind it.
Only to be able to create a simple schematic...

When a new version is released and installed it resets all configs, preferred paths, libraries, etc. to defaults.


It would be far more friendly to inherent the settings from the previously installed version instead of doing this.  Almost all other app updates I get seem to be able to do this with no problem.


 New versions (last 14.1) can't even load the configs from the previous version, so it's left to the user to re-create them from scratch.



I am using Multisim 14 with the BASYS3 board  to teach a beginning digital class.  It would be very useful to have a searchable document reference of the available PLD components.  The best way I see to get information now is to do a internet search on each individual name.  Are there any better sources?  Thanks so much for your help.

When a new version of Multisim and Ultiboard is released, the old User DB must be converted to work with the new version. Unfortunately, the converted DB is saved to the default file location, even if that is not the current location of the User DB.


I believe it is good practice to set up the User DB in a location that is backed up regularly to guard against possible loss. Seems like the converted User DB should be saved back to the location where the old User DB was, whether that is the default location or not.


When we did the last version upgrade, it took me a long time to figure out why the conversion was not working. It turned out that the conversion itself was working, but the converted file was being saved in the default file location instead of the currently used location.


This behavior, although NI tells me it is working as designed, is rather insidious, and seems like it would be fairly easy to change.

This is not the first time this suggestion has been forwarded to NI. The process of semiconductor component selection in Msim is BACKWARDS. Components are frequently chosen to base a design upon because they are available, the price is right, already in stock, etc. Quite frequently these parts are not found in the component library. There is no way to identify which components in the library may be used as a satisfactory replacement for simulation purposes without going back to a vendor site (NI preferred vendor obviously because those vendor's parts are what's in the NI library.....) and start a tiresome search for a compatible part and whether or not it is in the NI library. That's a ridiculous process and waste of time. This request is to expand the NI semiconductor component library databases to include key semiconductor criteria, depending on device type of course,  such as hfe & HFE, Ft, leakage, capacitance/switching time, Vsat, Vf, Vgt, Igt, Ih, It, IDSS, RDS, channel mode, Vz, Iz and so forth. There should be little difficulty obtaining this from your vendor library sources and associating a part number with it's key criteria just as the vendor does to make part selection possible.

Having spoken to customer support, it would be useful for Multisim to have an automated function whereby it checks if a component in a design is in the corporate database.


There is a function for updating components, which would bring designs from older databases or that have been created without the current corporate database to be updated. However any components that aren't in the database are simply ignored.


Is it possible to have the functionality to somehow point out that a component in a design is not in the database. Without having to individually go through and check?

Add some basic Digital Logic gates and interactive digital constants to the simulator. Just basic 2 and 3-input gates would be great.



I am a noob in electronics and are following along one the popular
books: "Make:Electronics", but this idea is applicable for any textbook in electronics.




Besides actually "breadboarding" the exercises in the book,  i would like to simulate them to get the hang of that side of things also, and after a lot of research, the web interface of "MultiSim Live" seem to be the perfect alternative.

In my case because the "2N6027" PUT component is missing from most competitors, but exist in Multisim Live Premium, and many excercises in the book depend on it.


Here is the idea:


Would it not be nice if the author could create a temporary subscription in Multisim Live for its subscribers, where only the components in the book are included?


The subscriber would still have to pay for it, but for a much smaller price, since it is only make sense if you have the book.


- Multisim Live would get great advertisment since the product is referred to throughout the book.

- Beginners like me would not have to worry that we dont find the correct components , since they are listed when you login to multisim with this special subscription package.

- Of course, the author could have pre-made excercises in Multisim live to drive home points

- The opportunities for converting these subscribers to premium subscribers would be endless



Absolutely zero


Please NI make this happen, its a no-brainer 🙂






Increase the library of microcontrollers like PIC, AVR Atmega in Multisim. There is Proteus software available which already have a vast library, but I like Multisim Environment and don't want to move to Proteus.
I know Hierarchial Blocks are helpful for circuit diagram reduction, but it is uneasy to browse & safe keep the hierarchial block file every time I need it. So it would be better if there's any way to convert the hierarchial block for into a permanent spice component in the user database of the component library. So is there any way?