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Upload Multisim file to multisim live

Status: New

Unfortunately there seems no way to upload an existing circuit design to multisim live. The only file extension accepted is .msjs. Trying to upload any .ms14 design is simply ignored (not even an error or warning is displayed)!


I am an instructor at NAA in Clearwater, FL and I have a need to upload a 14.1 file into multisim live. How is this done. I need it for the students to use. This feature should be added to multisim live.


I am a instructor for Mechatronics and the institution has the educators license. We have a limited number of computers and time to complete labs.

Being able to upload ms14 files would be a huge improvement for the students to work on homework outside the class. Not all our students can afford to purchase the student version of Multisim.

Please make this feature available soon or I will need to change simulation software to something like LTSpice. No charge and portable.


That makes the live version pretty worthless unless we can upload existing designs.

Active Participant

This is the first thing I looked for after registering MS Live.  Not being able to do this will be a major drawback.


Upload a multism file is still not available? or if anyone know how please comment right away. thank you! big help