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Ultiboard needs to add NET to the find function

Status: New

On a good day, can select net in Multisim Transfer and will be identified in Ultiboard.


Sometimes it is difficult to see the net/trace


Ultiboard needs a zoom in function to be able to see the net trace


Ultiboard also needs to highlight in spread sheet the net without having to click on net, and go to results


Goal efficiency, too many button pushes to see in spread sheet.


Also, TRANSFER  > highlight just does not work.  Have a look at Upverter, down load program and convince yourself.  There when net is highlighted since schematic and layout are in single environment the net/trace is highlighted, no extra clicks.  Ultiboard needs to be cleaned up, rid of legacy style methods.


Most designers need to find nets in ratsnest many times during the day.  Ultiboard if it is to be considered a PRO product needs automatic identification with out highlight or cross probing in multiple steps.


Multsim find NET works great, again goes to results and should just identify in workspace, and have a key to go to the next of the search results.


Every other layout program has an alphanumeric Find function.


Ultiboard, get with the program.