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NI Multisim - new ideas

Status: New

Dear NI


Ideas for NI Multisim software:

1. Schematic: To make an option to lock REFDES during copying circuit to the new sheet.


2. Schematic: To add power bias annotation for a components.


3. Schematic: To add active probe (see CircuitMaker 2000 solution).


4. Schematic: To add operating state annotation for transistors (active, cutt-off, saturated).


5. Schematic: To set some min and max limits for a voltage, current or power (they shall be visible in Grapher when you generate the plot). 


6. Simulation: To add circuit optimizer with various algorithms: Hooke and Jeeves, Levenberg-Marquardt etc.

For example: I would like to find a resitors values according to voltage limits.


7. Simulation: Current Worst Case simulation can not find right solution for a non monothonic functions, so please consider to add Hooke-Jeeves algorithm to find real min and max.


8. Simulation: To add Root Sum Squared (RSS) method.

9. Simulation: To add assymetrical tolerances option for a components (resistors, capacitors, voltage and current sources etc.)


10. Simulation: To add additional drift tolerance (aging, humidity etc.) option for a components (resistors and capacitors). Please create an option to turn ON and turn OFF additional drifts globally for a whole circuit design and for specific component.


11. Simulation: To add component stress analysis but more advanced. The goal is to check maximum dissipated power according to derating power characteristics for resistors according to current operating temperature (TEMP parameter for circuit simulation) and maximum voltage for a components (resistors, capacitors).


12. Grapher: To add histogram plots for a Monte Carlo simulation incl. table with data: MEAN, SIGMA, UCL, LCL:


  • Normal distribution plot
  • Cumulative distribution plot

13. Grapher: To add option to generate one report for Worst Case EVA, RSS and Monte Carlo.


14. Grapher: To add 3D plots (see circuit optimizer).


15. Interface: Batched analysis is fine, but it would be a good to see TEMP parameter visible in main window.


16. Interface: Fast BOM import for Excel and txt file (incl. some component parameters included value, TC1, max operating voltage and so on). For a quick changes on schematic.


17. Simulation: To add Worst Case option to Monte Carlo analysis to check ONLY endpoints values.


18. Model: To add a module that can build a component model from characteristics from datasheet (eg. to track output voltage characteristics of voltage regulator and to build behavioral model).


19. Model: To improve custom component drawing editor (make it handy and efficient like drawing schematic in Multisim). Current solution takes too much time.


The goal of these changes is to focus your product more in professional market where engineers must to find voltage/current limits according to operating temperature limits and component tolerance variation. Your product is good but it might be more oriented to perform these tasks much faster.





Dear Admin/Moderator


Could you create separate thread for a NI Multisim?


Thank you,


NI Employee

Multisim now has it's own Idea Exchange and this thread has been moved there. 


There are a lot of good ideas here but it would be helpful if you submitted a separate post of each individual idea. That way others can give each one Kudos and RnD can consider them individually.


Dear NI,


As a college professor using Multisim, I'd like to suggest two things that would make my life easier. We use Multsim 13 at the college and I am writing a text. Multisim is used to generate schematics for it.


1. An option for SVG (structured vector graphics) export of schematics. This would create publcation quality graphics. The current method of screen grabs are relatively low res and the files are larger. The results don't do justice to the product. It seems you must be part way there anyway given the drawing routines already in place.


2. The ability for schematic text to use subscripts. I have to do this manually as it is (create the component variable and then create and position the subscript in a smaller font). It is very tedious. Perhaps some manner of "flag" variable could be used to signal the subscript, like an underscore. So R_f would mean R (sub) f. That's how some vector drawing programs handle it (like Inkscape).



Jim Fiore, Professor

Mohawk Valley CC


Knight of NI

> I'd like to suggest two things that would make my life easier...


Then create two new ideas in the multisim ideas exchange (after verifying the ideas are new and unique).

Nobody can vote for your ideas if they are tacked to the end of some other existing idea.

Aftyer you have done so, ask the moderator to remove your above post. Thanks.

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