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Multisim viewer

I was told I should post this idea here for a greater chance of it being acted upon.  The original discussion is




I'm interested to know if there are many others who would be interested in a Multisim viewer.  I'm hoping engineering see's this and it pricks their design creativity.  In my business, it would be very handy to have a low-cost viewer that our techs could use as they trouble-shoot the board.  It's not cost effective for us to buy complete licenses for techs that will only view, but not change the schematic.  Right now we print out the schematics, but not every value is available (it would be too crowded on the schematic) and the comments are hidden.  Plus you can't zoom in on printed paper.  The competition (read Mentor Graphics) have free viewers available.


Some other suggestions:

- The ability to have the values of a part pop up when the mouse is hovered over it. (Should be able to be switched off).

- The ability to group parts so that they can be oriented as a group. (Similar to how it is available in the component wizard).


These would be great enhancements.  Anyone else think so?


I used PCAD before I retired.  It had free viewers, as does it successor Altium.  It would appear to be common practice in the electrical and mechanical CAD community.


Thank you for submitting this idea.


It is sorely needed. Hard to believe NI didn't think of this themselves, or they don't care as much for Multisim as I thought. (I started using Multisim way back before NI bought it).


I want to add my support for this idea. We have an internal department that does circuit design and testing for prototypes and we currently have to either print out the circuit diagrams or huddle around a computer with a license of Multisim. We simply do not have the budget to buy extra full licenses of Multisim to discuss board layouts.


Having a Multisim Viewer would be a great value-added feature for designers using Multisim because it would allow for better dialog with their clients during the design phase. SolidWorks has done something along these lines. I have used their viewer when working with mechanical designers and its been a great asset. In the SolidWorks viewer, you can add comments, make measurements and mark-up the design to communicate issues and revisions to the design.


I would really like to see this for Multisim.




I agree, same problem here, now I have to make screenshots on details that cost me a lot of time. I really hop to get a free viewer soon, and compatible for files from Multisim 2001 on.

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If you hope to get it, then be sure to vote for it by clicking on the Kudoes button!

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I believe, if you just install MS, after the free trial period it functions as a viewer with no other action required.  You just can't save changes or priint or export design files.



Your idea of installing MultiSim and then letting it time out was a good one, but unfortunately, it didn't work.  I'm afraid we will still have to wait for National Instruments to develop a viewer.  Again, I encourage anyone interested in this to let them know that a viewer is a much needed tool.


@Circuit_Rider That is a bummer.


@dbur ...AND exporting and printing designs is very important for the client.


I guess that is why MultiSim is  not going to be very big outside academia.

NI Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hello, thanks for response

I am sure it is very useful idea.


the same goes for Ultiboard - to have viewer for PCB design would be a great too.


as right now I have to convert files to PDFs in order to share them

with hope it helps

thanks a lot