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Multisim: possibility for SPICE options copy-paste to other analyses.

I'd like to have an option for easily copy-pasting customized SPICE options from one Active Analysis to another. Either through saving to a file and loading to the options of another analysis, or simply as a "copy settings from another analysis" button.


It would also be nice to have a way to collect/save known working option-sets for various types of designs, separately from the actual design files.



I just learned that saving/loading simulation settings works nicely through Simluate -> save/load menu. Silly me.


This doesn't help with transferring SPICE options between different analyses though. Or am I still missing something?

NI Employee

Hey Otarva.


I just want to add information on how to copy SPICE Options.

Copy it.

And then insert the values in to the Trancient values.


This was to clarify the options in Ultiboard.


Best Regards \\

Morten Baltzer


Hi Morten,

Do you mean one by one, ctrl-C - ctrl-V? That is exactly what I would like to avoid. Can it be done for all options at once somehow?


I want a button to copy all SPICE options from one active analysis to another with a single click. A new button next to the "Restore to recommended settings". allowing me to choose from which analysis to copy from. Or any other similar way to accomplish it. So that I can easily utilize the automatic spice option finder in interactive analysis and copy the found custom analysis options to another analysis.


cheers, Otto

NI Employee

Hey Otto.

No not by copy and paste, I was simply trying to show the people reading this post what we are trying to achieve.

So the pictures was just to show the people looking at this page what it is like now, and that what you want is to have a setting/button to share these settings directly across the different Analysis.


Hope this makes sense.


Best Regards \\ 

Morten Baltzer.




Hi again Morten!


Ok, I see what you meant now. We're hopefully getting towards a well defined request here. ;-)


cheers, Otto