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Multisim multithreading

I have a circuit that simulates very slowly and when I look at the Windows 7 performance of my I7 computer it is using only 2 to 4% of the processor power. In reality it is only using one thread at 50 to 60%. I understand Multisim was written back before multicores were available but I request that this be one of your priority improvements.


To show how slow it is running after letting it run over night it has run less than 1 second of simulated time.


I have searched the web and found many people frustrated with the Multisim's slow simulation speed and the fact that the processers are 90% idle.


Give a slider control for those that want to slow down the simulation for whatever reason.


One of my biggest irritants is waiting to see if my circuit change fixed an issue and knowing the software is not even stressing the computer. Years ago I was using Pspice with a single core processor and when you click simulate it used about 95 to 98% of the processors time until it finished the simulation.  Now I have unused power and still have to wait.


I hope someone at NI will read this and make multithreading a priority requirement for Multisim.

Please add your comments, the more people that comment the more I believe NI will listen.


Active Participant

Yes!  And make it 64 bit while you are at it.


This doesn't apply to just simulations.


MS/UB will never compete against other cad systems until it can handle large designs without bogging down to nothing.


On my large designs MS slows to a crawl, and UB is completely unusable.  I have to export to other tools like Allegro or Altium to complete significant PCB layouts.

NI Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration



I have posted one suggestion before and this is my second suggesstion about Ultiboard: 


When I draw large PCBs or multiple layers; After I place the copper planes, Ultiboard getting slower and this makes it non-usable. Sometimes I place a via in this mode then Ultiboard shutdowns. Please make the Ultiboard comatiable for 64-bit since it should not be a big deal.


I am not sure if this is just a problem of multithreading but simulation code needs some optimization (especially when we simulate SMPS circuits). Maybe a good suggestion is to co-operate with some CPU and algorithm expert to optimize a code and to reduce all bottlenecks. I believe that is how Mike Engelhardt did it.






I agree. It makes sense to use the multi-threading capability of newer processors to improve performance.


This is something I am missing as well, is there any chance this will be added?