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MS wire color scheme

Hello, thanks for response


There is something about MS wire color scheme


Technically there are a lot of colors and tints available but practically to distinguish there are no more than 7 or 8 colors.

My suggestion is to use 2 color scheme – 1 color for wire and 2nd for strip.

In this case wire would be clearly visible with from 7*7 to 8*8 color combinations



with hope it helps

thanks a lot


Knight of NI

Be very careful with color changes. Those of us who are color blind find it quite difficult to distinguish colors, especially on single-pixel-thick lines such as wires. 


When LabVIEW changed to color (version 3 or 4?), I stayed with a monochrome monitor (yes, they made such things during prehistoric times) for several years because I could more easily discriminate the wire types in black and white than in color.




Hello , thanks for response


you are absolute right and there is work around for color blind people -


not to use color scheme at all - to use black and white color scheme only instead.


to improve visibility  to increase the wire\bus wight (see drawing properties).

with hope it helps
good luck